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Point Loma High School

Alumni eUpdate News

September 2012

How can it be FALL already? San Diego is still having August humidity in September.

The new school year has begun, and for those of us with fond memories of PLHS it is a fun time to reflect on those first weeks of high school. Fall is also a busy time for Alumni to reunite with classmates at reunion events, and Homecoming! News below.

The PLHS Directory Update project is now complete and print directories have been mailed to those who ordered them. Thank you to everyone who called in to update contact info for our records and so your reunion chair’s to find you! If you missed the postcards or calls, please go to www.plhsalumni.org/register.html and check to be sure you info is current. If the system has any trouble finding your name please use the help button and we will get it figured out.

There are many decisions to be made regarding the
Alumni Committee each year and we need your help to make sure we are giving our Alums the best connection to PLHS possible. The Alumni Committee will meet once a quarter in a relaxed and fun atmosphere (no board meetings!) to talk about eUpdate content, website improvements, events, memorabilia collection, scholarship funding, and anything else committee members want to discuss.

Kim Melhorn Jessop '73
Alumni Director, PLHS
Pointer Association

HOMECOMING 2012 is October 12th vs La Jolla at PLHS.
Varsity game starts at 6:30pm under the lights on our beautiful newly refurbished field!!

(Note that the Voltaire St. gate to the field is closed for construction.
Please enter via the school side of the field.)

Join us at Homecoming!! PLHS Alumni have led off the Homecoming parade for the past 4 years. Each year more alums join us for the short ‘walk-and-wave’. Just show up at the gate to the field when the game clock shows 3 minutes til half-time. You can’t miss us!



* Class of 82 held their event on August 11th at SDYC. Thanks to Kelly LaRosa and her
team for pulling together a fun event!

* Class of 92 held their event at the Hilton Harbor Island on July 14th with Corine Hampton chairing.

Upcoming Reunions:

Class of 50: 80th Birthday Bash Sept. 28 at MCRD! Plhsclassof1950@gmail.com

Class of 52: Sept. 21st Luncheon at SDYC. pagopagogenie@cox.net

Class of 62: Sept. 21st at Humphrey’s. morten@nethere.com

Class of 67: Oct. 6 at Red Sails Inn. Marcyinpv@yahoo.com

Class of 72: Sept. 21-23 at the Catamaran jpercival@scribecommunications.com

Looks like Sept. 21st will be a good day to run into a lot of Pointer Alums around S.D.!
Get more
Reunion Info.

Many thanks to our reunion chairs for their hard work on behalf of their classmates! These events would not happen without them.

SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE and help a Pointer look to the future:

The Introduction to Career Class for freshman students needs professionals willing to come and speak to the class about their career. All careers are interesting to the students. It really helps to hear from people that are working in the field. It brings the career to life. Alumni who have come back to speak the students find it very rewarding and entertaining. If you are interested please contact Ms. Allen at lallen@sandi.net for more information.

ALUMNI WEBSITE: Based on your requests, we will be working on some new additions to the Alumni website:
* In Memoriam page listing all known deceased Pointers,

*Sports Records page
* PLHS News links page (with links to any media pieces about PL.)

plhsalumni.org often and watch for the new additions.

Looking for Yearbook Donations

The only complete set of El Portal Yearbooks exists in the PLHS library. We are trying to complete the Alumni Committee’s set. We love having duplicate copies of any year, but the ones we have NO copies of are:

1971, 72, 73, 74, 78
1983, 84, 85
1988, 89, 90, 91, 92, 95, 96, 97
2000, 01

We are also always looking for Pointer Memorabilia.

PLHS in the News:
Dedication of newly refurbished PLHS Football Field:

Football Field Resurfacing

Technology in PLHS Schools for 2012-13 year

The teacher we all wish we’d had!

In Memoriam

Mark LeBaron ‘73

Gail Thompson Murphy ‘41

Maxine Albrecht Dower

Roy Cariola ‘50

Don Hammond ‘50

Helen Lyon Hammond ‘50

Christian J. DaSilva ‘90

Russell W. Crane ‘39

Joanne Lyons Ludwig ‘48

Helen Robinson Carlson ‘52

Willamay Beck Graham ‘52

Stanley Christman ’56 (former teacher)

Glen T. Martin ‘56

Winston Newell Ward ‘56

George W. Brown ‘56

Bill Dray ‘55

Rosemary Rayburn Duggen ‘55

Dorothy Gage Clark ‘37

Max J. Trummer Jr. ‘69

Ole Jorgensen ‘57

Carl Rabell ‘73

Brick Landon ‘37

Charles Hope ‘50

Jim Claar ‘58

Jim Fox ‘69

Charles N. Muschbacher ‘57

Colleen Ann Marions ‘66

John Thiele ‘37

R. Page Jones ‘50

Lee Byrom ‘62

Dorothy Wilson Hacker ‘43

Billie Diane Seyboth Hall ‘50

Dolly Delores Jones Danner ‘50

Pointer sketch
Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer!


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