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PLHS Pointer Association
Alumni News
March 2011


Spirit of the Pointer
Gift from the Alumni, November 2010
(all donor bricks have been installed!!)

Dear Paul,
Can it be March already? Reunions are being planned by many classes. Read below to see if your class is planning something.

Also check out the picture of Don Larsen with the current PLHS Baseball team! The Baseball Booster's honored Mr. Larsen and his historic accomplishment (pitching a perfect game in the World Series) at their annual fundraising event.

Soon you will receive our annual solicitation email requesting donations to support PLHS.
We are lucky to have so many Pointer alumni who have stayed connected to PLHS over the years. With the California budget deficit, the San Diego Unified School District has already set in motion severe budget cuts to programs and staffing at all SD City Schools. Your support, in whatever amount, is more valuable to current and future Pointers than ever before. We hope you will consider the value of your education, and the extracurricular activities you participated in while at PLHS, and can help us maintain the level of excellence that we all enjoyed as Pointer students. Your tax deductible contribution can be designated to specific activities or you may choose to support the Spirit of the Pointer Scholarship fund which will be the main source of funding for the long-standing Alumni Association scholarships to graduating seniors.

And because you know you want to watch it again....Here are the links to the video of the Harvey family singing the Alma Mater at the Gala (it WILL make you smile!) and the history of PLHS as presented by alum Noah Tafolla:
Singing of the Alma Mater at the Gala

Noah Tafolla's PLHS History


PLHS Reunions in the works:

Classes of 51, 61, 71, 86, 91, and 2001 all have notified us of plans for their Reunions. Go towww.plhsalumni.org/reunions.html for all the info.

And if you know of someone who is not on our Alumni contact list, please tell them to enter their info atwww.plhsalumni.org/register.html. It is free, secure, and you can designate if you want to receive our quarterly news or just reunion information.

Don Larsen and the PLHS Baseball team

Don Larsen and PLHS Baseball Team

Read about Don Larsen in SD UT

What our Pointer Alumni are up to: Eli Elbogen '05 and Sportaneous

Love to play Soccer, Basketball, or other sports? A new website and iPhone App called SPORTANEOUS developed by PL Alum Eli Elbogen ’05 and friends, allows athletes to connect, organize and play sports without joining a league.

Eli says: Last summer, while we were both working in the Bay Area, it was extremely difficult for us to find or organize basketball and soccer games. We decided that there should be an easy way for athletes to connect, organize, and play sports without joining a league. As a result, SPORTANEOUS was born!

SPORTANEOUS enables you to easily find and propose pick-up sports games in your surrounding neighborhoods. By combining online networking with location-based technology we make it incredibly easy to play team sports with a busy schedule. Sportaneous just launched its Beta in San Diego, but will roll out to other major cities (including NYC, San Francisco, and Philadelphia) after testing and improving the product in San Diego.

We aspire to create a convenient, FUN way for all Americans to become more active and healthy. As people who personally find going to the gym boring, we want to give everyone that enjoys playing sports an easy way to do so through SPORTANEOUS.

Sportaneous website <http://www.sportaneous.com/>

Point Press News:
It is such fun to look back at PLHS student newpapers from the years past. (We have them going back to the 1930's! The photos and stories reflect the culture on campus and the world situation at the time and provide us with such a nice history of our city and our school.
PLHS has a new, online, student newspaper, The Point Press, with news about PLHS Sports teams, student events, and happenings on campus. Check out the pulse of today’s Pointers: http://www.pointernews.com/

Thanks for the Memories!

Thanks to Dick Friel ’57 for returning the radio that was in the Nurse’s office at PLHS for many years before the 1976 demolition. It has been well care for and still works. We will be adding it to the Alumni room.

Note: In May we hope to get together a team to help reassemble the Alumni Archive room so it is ready for reunion groups to visit (we took it apart so it could be displayed at the Gala). If you would like to help please contact me!

PLHS Seniors to show off their accomplishments
If you live in San Diego and would like to get involved with students for just one afternoon at PLHS, consider being a panelist for the Senior Portfolio and Exhibitions on May 26th from 12-4pm. You will be on a team evaluating individual students as they present their Senior Portfolio (part of the their requirement for graduation). They will summarize their school experience, what they have mastered, and share their plans for the future. It is an afternoon that will open your eyes to how prepared our Pointers are to go out into the world after graduation. Read more at: Senior Exhibitions

In Memoriam

Pointer Dog

Charles (Chuck) Curtis ’63

Mary E. Lord ’77

Richard A. Long ’52

Catherine Airy Gangitano ’35

Linda Lingley Densley ’65

Barbara L. Hampton ’45

Pete Fletcher ’49

Virginia Ross Meza ’58

Virginia Buchanan Hammer ’48

Jimmie L. Howard ’69

John Cardosa ’43

Nick Schowengerdt ’56

David Thompson ’48

Joe Rosa ’50

Carolyn Goddard Sperling ’74

Darlene Maughan ’69

James Eledge ’91

Craig Beeson ’40

Ester Hinrichs Mott ’30

Robert Greer Ferver ’64

Nancy Widders Kamfonik ‘60

Reilly ‘Phil’ Stearns ‘57

Harry A. Guthrie Jr. ‘40

Ernest Stephenson ‘59

Jimmy Allin ‘57

Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer!


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