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  August 2009

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Scholarships assist Pointer grads with their goals:

The tradition of giving scholarships to graduating seniors began with the original PLHS Alumni Association in the mid 70’s.  Since that time, close to $100,000 in scholarships have gone to Pointer Grads to assist them with their academic goals! 

Several thousand dollars in Association scholarships are given every year as our commitment to continuing that tradition.  In addition, Memorial scholarships are given whenever friends and family elect to raise funds to honor an individual.   If you would like to learn more about honoring a classmate or community member with a memorial scholarship, or if your class would like to give a scholarship in honor of a special reunion milestone, contact Kim at the Association office.   


2009 PLHSFAA Scholarship recipients:

PLHSFAA Scholarships

4 Year College:
Elizabeth Felando $1000 UC Berkeley
Kyle Tisdale  $1000 UCSD
Daniela Padilla $1000 UCSB
Pedro Guerrero $1000 UCSD
Kristyna Frakes $1000 SDSU
2 Year College:
Tania Zargoza $500 Mesa
Tatiana Contreras  $500 City
Donations to specific scholarship funds from Friends and Family
Zeiger Scholar  (honoring Mr. Z’s commitment to theatre and performing arts)
Austin DeMott $250 DeAnza
Samantha Pitts $250 UC Davis
Bennie Edens Scholarship (honoring long-time PLHS Coach)
Dion Riley  $1000 Mesa
PLHSFAA Green Scholarship (Commitment to the Environmental issues)    
Adriana Ayala $500 SDSU
Jeremy Hayes Dawe Memorial Scholarship (in memory of a passed Pointer)
Jessica Marlow $1000  

        Highlight: Jeremy Hayes Dawe Scholarship:

Jeremy graduated from PLHS in 1996. He passed away at the age of 28 of a  massive cerebral hemorrhage. Jeremy had a passion for music, travel, and the outdoors.  And he was committed to helping raise funding for public libraries throughout the state.  He graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Political Science, went on to receive his Law degree and had recently started working at Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek prior to his death.  Each year his family gives a scholarship in his memory, keeping his legacy alive for Pointers.

 Class of 59 Reunion Recap:

The reunion was spectacular from start to finish. The weekend began with a harbor cruise on Friday morning. In the afternoon there was a wonderful tour of PLHS

The evening was capped off with a magnificent cocktail party hosted by Karen and Billy Fontana at their fantastic home. They provided, valet parking, incredible food, unlimited refreshments and the hightlight was a fly over by a small plane with a banner: "Point Loma High School Class of 1959". The warmth and happy greetings launched the perfect weekend.  Saturday, the main event was at the Kona Kai. The fun just kept on with more visiting, great food, memorbilia, and the highlight of the evening the music by Billy Romberger's band The Pacifics. We danced until we dropped.   Sunday Jim Nickel and Peggy Lipscomb-Kazwara hosted a fabulous brunch at the Bali High on Shelter Island.

All and all it was wonderful. Now, we have a 70th birthday celebration to plan.

 Photos: www.classherder.com/classhome/pointloma59

Linda(Louis)Charman, Class Pres. 1959Links

 Class Pranks:

Our prank involved both the tires hoisted up and over the small flagpoles in front of the PAC, and the stringing up on a cable of all the cats we dissected in AP Biology that year across the quad, and up the big flag pole.  Made quite an impression, and I felt sorry for the custodian who had no ladder tall enough to reach the cat hanging up the flagpole.


The graduation year was 1970; I was a junior and a willing accomplice to the crime due to my lustful infatuation with a particular senior, the ringleader of the prank.  I believe 1970 was the year after the Great Tire Caper.

Pointers of old will recall the morning ritual of the ROTC raising the colors while the Star Spangled Banner blasted across the campus over the PA system.  We were all required to stop in our tracks and show proper respect as the flag was raised.  It was a time-honored, patriotic ritual and as such, the perfect target for the senior prank.
D-day morning at 7:55 a.m., the dream team went into action.  I was the decoy and my job was to play "damsel in distress", diverting the attention of the poor ROTC guy who was in charge of starting the tape playing over the PA system.  Once the ROTC guy had the cabinet opened, I dashed in, gasping for his help with someone who had collapsed outside.  Naturally prone to service of humankind, he followed my directions to the point of rescue with me (seemingly) trailing behind him.  I ducked out of sight and while he searched for the unconscious body, another member of the team switched the tape, loaded a recording of Iron Butterfly's "Inna Gada da Vida", closed the cabinet and snapped it shut with a different combination lock.
The PA system blared; Pointers all over campus stopped in their tracks...not from habit but from sheer surprise at the heavy rock music pulsing from the speakers. 
I hereby apologize to the poor girl who likely got dragged into the Principal's office to explain why her gym lock was found at the scene of the crime.  And to the ROTC guy that I duped into leaving his post to attend to a non-existent student-in-need.
It was a prank in very poor taste but very very cool; perhaps the naughtiest thing I've ever gotten up to.  Ah, memories. 


I do remember the streaker—what guts..this was at the ’74 grad and I was a junior!


Vaseline on the door knobs. I will neither confirm nor deny I ever had anything to do with it.   


This one from Dana Junior High…..circa 1970:

A shark, hung by the tail, dangling from a rope in the courtyard. 


My most memorable "class prank" was, together with a couple other PLHS class of 59 grads, painting "So Long Suckers" on the top of the football stadium bleachers just prior to graduation


Class of 46: In a classroom on the second floor some students hung a desk out the window tied to the ropes of the venetion blinds.This was just before the teacher arrived.


One of my most memorable pranks was performed on Ms. Heater on April 1st 1994 during Spanish class. months prior to the monumentous occassion Ms. Heater had been bragging that throughout her entire teacher history no student had ever successfully pulled off a practical joke on her. I felt devilishly compelled to alter the course of history. working with a bunch of handpicked classmates I plotted my assault, and what better day then April fools to execute. now out of respect for Ms. Heater and her witts one prank would not be sufficient, I had to conjure up a fail safe. I decided that one out of three pranks were bound to hit their mark (vaseline on the phone receiver, lesson plan replaced with mad magzine, and the infamous woopie under the seat cushion.) to make a long story short the vasoline and mad magazine were a flop, but the woopie cushion was oh so rewarding. as Ms. Heater was the chalkboard going over her lecture I was able to sneak to her desk and place a fully inflated woopie sack under her seat.. the damn thing was so blown up there was no way that Ms. Heater could miss it. as she made her way back to her desk the class was almost in stitches. before seating her rump down to rest Ms. Heater paused in front of her seat as to almost mock our attempt to foul her. after her closing comments which seemed to last an eternity she collapsed into the loudest fart which followed an uprour of laughter.. I could not contain myself from admitting blame.. instantly I was sent to the Mr. Schneider's office..

true story :D            


3 of us let the air out of the vice principal's tires. we got caught and had to do clean up work at plhs on saturday.


Bringing the statue of Bob's Big Boy to campus...

My class was involved with the Bob’s Big Boy ( I won’t say who), but also a large camp out on the football field with ample supply of “mole man punch.”  I think we started a tradition that year.  1981

It was my Dad's Chevy Silverado. J was shotgun and B was holding onto Bob in the back of the truck.  We went there first around 11pm and broke the lock at the base – J’s  words were "Bob is free".  Then we went back at around 3 AM.   The only thing that kept us from getting  suspended was that Bob's was going to press charges so the VP pretended not to know who it was. 


I am not sure who was involved with this prank, but I remember the class of 1986 prank was pretty gross.  They got cats that were used for science experiments and hung them all around campus. Yuk!! 


This class prank in the of Spring 1964 was a spur of the moment decision by several of us on the night before our last class to remove a small diseased tree on the senior lawn and replace it with something "unique".

We dug up a yucca plant and transported it back to campus in the dead of night. We snuck on to campus and then started to dig up the tree when we were surprised by the janitors, who doubled as the security.

I guess it wasn't too much of a surprise to them that some of the kids would try something. Anyway, we split in 40 directions taking the shovel but leaving the yucca plant. The following morning the tree and the yucca were both gone and the spot where the tree had been was filled in. So much for making a splash. This is what passed for fun on a warm spring night in 1964.


setting up a golf coarse on the quad grass ... class of 83 


What started out as a fairly innocent prank, unfortunately turned out far more sinister.  We arrived early morning to the School and began stacking benches into a type of box pryamid.  We were able to get them four or five high or about twenty feet in the air.  We had one minor casulty as one of our guys got clipped in the head by these 100 plus pound benches but he didn't need stitches.  We lined the top of the pryamid with trash cans, and then did the obligatory toilet paper throughout the interior mall area of the buildings and on the tower we had built.  Where things got unfortunately out of hand was when we decided to hoist three trash cans up the flag poll.  They were empty and posed no danger, but we thought it would look neat up at the top of the poll.  The next day the vice principal trying not to take any chances, brought in a large crane to make sure there wasn't anything in the cans and when the crane truck was setting up to raise their boom to check them, it somehow broke a water main and flooded out a large area of the school.  We have pictures somewhere of the night of fun, I got to see them ten years later, all in all it was meant in good fun, but thankfully we never got the bill for the damage. 


The large "81" printed in sand, glued to the wall on the outside cafeteria wall for at least 5 years, maybe longer…. and vaseline on the door handles and locks on some of the buildings 


 A bunch of kids piled into a pickup truck and went around Point Loma picking "For Sale" signs from the yards of poor, unsuspecting homeowners (sorry!).  They then planted all the signs in front of PLHS to proclaim that the school was, in fact, for sale.  This was the night that we camped on the football field before graduation.  We noticed at 5 or 6 am, that some janitorial or groundskeeping staff had unplanted the signs which had been intended to surprise the kids coming to school that day.   We  (I say “we,” because I participated in this portion, but not the other) went and stuck all the signs back up.  I think they still got pulled down before school opened, but we tried.  We thought we were quite witty. 


Class of '87

A new Principal had just started and was advised of senior pranks at PLHS.  She warned all graduating seniors that if anyone was caught trying to pull off a prank, they would be suspended from commencement.  We thought hard about this, and while tempted, everyone feared being suspended. 

So what was the prank?  On graduation day, before walking up to the stage to shake hands with the Principal, we all had marshmallows...and as you shook her hand, you squeezed her hand against yours with a marshmallow.  She had to get napkins to clean her hands off.  My graduation picture shaking hands with the Principal shows the marshmallow hands she was left with.


Our class prank, pulled off by many of our graduating Seniors, was to hold a marble in our right hand, and when we went to shake the principal’s hand at graduation, we handed him the marble.  Pictures from that graduation ceremony reveal a sea of white marbles on the ground in front of the principal. 


Unfortunately, for me, I did not participate in any pranks.  I was a "good girl"......but don't misunderstand, it was only because my father worked at the school.  Every little wrong turn I made got reported back to him.  It was a bummer, but that was life!  ha ha Like going to school in a fish bowl with all the teachers watching me.

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