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Pointer Dog Point Loma High School

  Foundation and Alumni Association


        The Pointer Honor Roll 


       Thank you for your support.

            December 2008 



Recognizing our current (08/09)Membership Contributors



Edging, Cathy
Correia, Lynne '78

Marions, Garry '64 Morin, Reggie,Staff

Jones Ronald '55
McCleary, Larry  
Skala, Whitney and Sue
Trotter, Robert '60
Romani, Bianca  
Farrar, Paul '58
Berndes, Scott ,69

McKay, Lisa '78
Kemp, Joanne '51
Rosser Anne 1957

Tinsley, Michael '64
Heeter, Norma, Staff
Ventura, Manny

Tisdale, Karen '81 Wright, Chris and Shannon 
Mitchell, Jerry and Kelly '77
Newton, Myra 
Ellington, Rick '73
Morris, Eve
Calloway, Kim
Christy, Vivian '61
Calvert, Gene '61
Jackson, Larry '60 Thompson, Sheryl

Reed, Robin '81
Pierce, Jeri '61
Allison, Danielle '91
Franklin, Barbara '73
Sardo, Anabel '82
Rehak, Mary '76
Bartlett, Andrew and Diana

Iacono, Debbie
O'Brien, Maureen  


New Lifetime Sustaining members 


Sedlak, Richard '73 Cintas, Connie '84
Williams, Arnold '74

Dungan, Devona '48
Wieder, Daniel '74
Henthorn, Barbara '48
Cramer, Edward '77
Timmons, Betty '48

Hill, Ann '59
Wieder, Carolyn '74 Bolton, Anne '65


Additional ways to support PLHS


Buy a Brick

Only 70 left.  Over 200 sold.  

Be a part of campus with a Pointer Commemorative Brick!  The new seat wall on Chatsworth has a limited number of spaces left.  More info: Pointer Brick



Do your Holiday shopping from the comfort of home and be a "Secret Santa" to the PLHSFAA using a new eScrip option-shop at the eScrip ONLINE MALL


Dear Kim,

PLHS thrives on the support of its family and community. 


The membership that costs you so little can have an enormous impact when pooled with funds from other Pointer alums, families, businesses, and friends. 

This special issue of the eUpdate is specifically to acknowledge and thank those who have shown their support of PLHS through their membership and sustaining contributions for the 08/09 school year.


We are building Pointer Pride for generations past, present and future. 


If your name is not on the list, it's not too late.


Won't you join us?   Donate/Join 


Kim Melhorn Jessop

Executive Director PLHSFAA 



Maroon Members 08/09


Falcon, Carol '77
VanFulpen, Linda  
Rose, Leslie
Laube, Tom and Lisa 
Stewart, Liz
Ellis, Trisha
Warrens, Thomas '81
Hale, Bill and Barbara Lamb
Pelletier, Gretchen
Reidy, Dawn '75
Truver, Darlene
Hawes, Janet & Jon

Silverman Edward

Colohan, Maureen

Scribner, Dawn and Mark


Gold Members and Lifetime Gold Sustainers 


Farres, Bryan '76
Wright, Rich '83
King, Carol '59
Haas, Barbara 
Samilson, Bobbie  
Vieira, Lisa '74
Ventura, Manny '53
Farrell, Margaret '59
Wozniak, Donald '63
Roland, Doris '59








Lighthouse Members
Maze, Thomas '44
LaDow, Peter '51
Jacobs, Lynda '66
Pointer Pride Members 

Burnham, Malin '45
Price, Robert and Allyson  
Dolphin, Michael '60

Pointer Dog



 And Thank You to our

1300+ Lifetime Members 

who have been there for us

 since the start, 

and the additional

500+ Lifetime Sustainers

 who have given over the years!





We can't say it enough -
 Thank You!




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