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"PLHS Alumni Association was founded in 1978 to help promote communication among Pointer alumni, preserve the history of Point Loma High School, and maintain alumni records.

Operating under the nonprofit umbrella of the PLHS Pointer Association, we support Pointers past, present, and future.

Once a Pointer, Always a Pointer!"

Our mission is to develop and provide resources for enhancing the educational environment of PLHS, to connect alumni, and to maximize interaction between alumni, parents, students, staff, and others who care about PLHS with a goal of building Pointer Pride for generations past, present and future.

PLHS Alumni support includes:

  • Dedicated PLHS Alumni website.
  • eUpdate newsletters* to keep Alumni connected.
  • Collection of, and access to, Pointer historical memorabilia (yearbooks, student newspapers, clippings, photos, videos, athletic/band/cheer uniforms, trophies, classroom and building artifacts, etc.)
  • Master database of all Pointer alumni in a secure online directory*
  • Resources provided to Reunion chairs to facilitate communication with their classmates (contact lists, broadcast email*) and ensure the success of their events (campus tours, memorabilia for display, suggestions/advice from other chairs, holding class funds for safekeeping between events.)
  • Yearly Scholarships assist graduating seniors in attaining their higher education goals, and remind them they are part of 85 years of history and tradition. (Scholarships have been given by the PLHS Alumni Association since 1975.)

*(eUpdate newsletters, broadcast email, and secure online database/directory are provided free to us thanks to our partnership with Harris Connect Graduate Connections.)

Where support for PLHS Alumni comes from:

  • Alumni Committee volunteers. Get Involved This year we hope the committee can meet quarterly in a fun environment (can you say Happy Hour?) to come up with ideas for fun alumni activities and support to PLHS.
  • Donations to the Alumni Fund support the cost of the website, fund our Alumni scholarships, and provide support to PLHS Pointer Association programs.
  • The Pointer Association general fund.

How to Help

Give to the PLHS Alumni Fund

  • Maintaining alumni connections, website, email communication, memorabilia archives, reunion chair support, and grants to PLHS Pointer Association programs.

Contribute to one of our Alumni Scholarship Funds here

  • Spirit of the Pointer Scholarship
  • Bennie Edens Memorial Scholarship
  • The Larry Zeiger Scholars Fund

Donate to the PLHS Pointer Association here

  • Campus support for all students. Providing resources to enhance the three A's - "Academics, Arts and Athletics".

Ideas for PLHS Alumni projects that can use Volunteer assistance:

  • Scanning 85 years of El Portal yearbooks, photos, news articles so they can be accessible to our alumni.
  • Video-taping Pointer Alums (from as far back as we can find them) to get their stories of life at PLHS through the years.
  • Improving content for eUpate newsletters. News-Reunion updates-Pics-In Memorium- More Content/Less begging. Got ideas? Tell us! E-mail us
  • Homecoming activities for Alumni.
  • Alumni Guest Speakers on campus for stu dents and to the community.
  • Reinstatement of yearly nominations and inductions to Alumni Hall of Fame

Get Involved!! Page Coming Soon

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PLHS Alumni is a Committee of the PLHS Pointer Association, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law. Consult your tax advisor.

PLHS Pointer Association
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